Our Web Design Studio is a professional interactive agency which is specialized in creating state-of-art Websites! We are Located in Las Vegas New Mexico Contact Us today to get a website Started!



Our aim is to provide the highest quality of any need

  • Creative Website Solutions

    Excellent solutions to provide you the best website possible

    Dominic Garcia Web Design can take your project from just an idea-to live on the web in as little as 3-5 days

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  • Computer Problems?

    Knowledgeable Tech Service You Can Trust. The computer is your home's command central. From setup to security to repair we've got the know-how, tools and dedication you can rely on day and night.

    What Can We Help you with?

  • Web Master Services

    We offer a range of services and is able to implement your ideas with today's technology standards.

    Dominic Garcia IT Solutions offers Hosting and Webmaster services for your website. Let Us worry about Your Website while you take care of business.

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  • Media Design

    The best quality media design to please anyone's requirements!

    Our Media Design Agency can provide you with a number of other design services, Such as Logo Design, Business Cards, Flyers....

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